Senior Style

Anyone in Southwest Wisconsin need a senior picture?

The below is Miranda Kerr. Recently this was posted on the internet. It is horrible picture with poor lighting, garish colors and lacking any sort of style or balance. It looks like someone used a point n shoot camera to take a picture while she was attending a training seminar in some hotel conference center.

Yet with all these flaws it can still be made into a stunning composition.
However simply correcting the obvious mistakes would continue to leave issues like the riot of color and bland setting. In the original photo, the viewer is distracted from her great lips and mesmerizing eye contact by a photographer not understanding the principles and elements of style. Her strengths as a model are just not obvious and that is a shame.

What if, instead, the vision had been she was a sultry jazz singer leaning on a piano at the height of the speak-easy era? By envisioning a more glamorous setting the image becomes more intimate. Don’t you now feel a connection between her and you instead of feeling she is just posing for a cameraman? Is there not an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery that will leave you thinking about this picture long after it was viewed. We like to think she’d appreciate the second picture much more.

Needless to say, we can do the same, or more, for those looking for quality personal images. Whether your need is a killer senior picture, something for the modeling portfolio, a photo gift that will be remembered and treasured always, or maybe that calendar girl picture you always wanted.

Visit us today at, right now, before you forget, what are you waiting for, click the link, do it, go ahead it’s okay, please (and thank you!)


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