A Busy Summer

We are in the midst of making changes to our local digital photo storage and this means moving files around. While doing this we noticed that between June 12 and Aug 21 of this year (2011) we shot over 10,000 photos (mostly in focus too!). The large majority of these were from six (6) summer events we attended in the southwest corner of Wisconsin. Check out www.artofpics.com/Events to see it for yourself.
While it is nice to see all the famous festivals from around the world (Running of the Bulls, Carnival, Tour De France) it is also interesting to see so many outdoor activities held in such a relatively small period of time in one small part of one state in the USA.
And we are making plans for next year to include some of the rodeos, harness racing, gatherings (The Rendezvous), hot air ballooning, etc that we missed out on this year.
It’s been fun so far!

They often were this young


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