Some Quick Photoshop Interface Gems

Here is a nice little grab bag of Photoshop CS interface helpers.
If you open a filter/control with value boxes in it, you can jump to the first one by holding down CTRL/COMMAND key and clicking ENTER/RETURN. You can tab between the other boxes once in there. While there – values can be adjusted 1 unit at a time with the up and down arrows on a keyboard. Hold down the shift key while doing that and they will be adjusted by a factor of 10. Holding the shift key also makes scrubby sliders work in multiples of 10.
You can re-arrange tabbed documents simply by click-dragging the tab to a new location. This includes free floating it (just drag it where you want it).
Clicking the TAB key will hide/unhide all panels, toolbars, menus, controls, and options (but not the application/workspace switcher bar or application frame). SHIFT + TAB does the same except it leaves the tool and option bar visible. Neither action ever closes the menu bar (File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window, Help).
Having a hard time reading menu/dialog items? Appearance options for the interface can be changed by going to Edit > Preferences > Interface … (Interface). At the bottom of the panel is a section labeled ‘UI Text Options’. Here you can select UI Language and UI Font Size (small/medium/large).


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