Tutorial – A Custom Photoshop Border

Here is a quick tutorial on making a custom border embellishment.

Custom Border

Open your image in Photoshop (this was done in CS5)
1. Open Custom Shape tool (under Rectangle Tool) >> click the down arrow next to the current shape preview. In the menu box that opens, click the little button in the upper right corner (the one with the triangle that points right). You are going to be adding a shape group so click on Ornaments and use the Append button to add the shapes. Then find the Leaf Ornament 2 shape and click on it. Click the color square and pick #f4e2e2.
2. This is the art part. Draw a box (stretch the shape) to make a usable border symbol. For the example image in this post, I used 2 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ (I had rulers turned on to see this). For the size and pixel density of this image, I figured 4 symbols per long side.
3. Open Layer Styles for this layer (one shortcut is to double click the layer in the layer panel). Here are the settings to use
a. Drop Shadow – Multiply, Black, 75%, 30º, 5=0-5
b. Inner Glow – Screen, 50%, 0%, fbf0b9, softer, Edge, 0%, 55px
c. Satin – Multiply, black, 50%, 19º, 11px, 14px
d. Color Overlay – Normal df4b24, 100%
4. Now make copies of the shape layer (shortcut is CTRL/COMMAND + J). For this example, seven (7) more were made. Place as appropriate.
5. I set a 50 px white bar below and above to isolate the symbols
6. A new Fill Layer was added (black) and set to Blend: Overlay. A mask was added to it and the fill inside the white bars was ‘hidden’ (painted with black).



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