Why No Posting – Why That Will Change

Hi everyone,

First, thank you for being art lovers, for caring about a life further enriched by sharing it with the visions of others. I always feel bad for those who see a picture as just a picture.
Second, thank you for viewing my blog. It is not much but we all like to reach out and share those things we think important.

So, why so quiet lately? Recently I went to see my doctor because I felt slightly nauseous after dinner time and that did not seem right. They did the usual tests but did not find anything so they tried some other testing. One of those tests (Stress Echo Cardiogram) showed “something”. Out of a sense of precaution, an angiogram was then performed. It gives really clear images of the heart blood vessels and if they do find something, they can usually blow up a balloon or, worse case, put in a stent (metal mesh to hold the vein open). They make you very very relaxed but you are awake for this procedure.
As I lay there, I hear the doctor ask for the other cardio doctor who then asks for a cardio-vascular surgeon who then asks for the chief of surgery.
After their consult, it was decided not to do anything that day but to schedule open heart by-pass surgery.
I had NO symptoms of any heart problems and lots of examples of being able to do hard exercise for extended periods of time. But, as it turns out, diabetes can turn normal cholesterol into a fine-grained slurry that can collect in areas it normally does not. Understand that I have always had very low cholesterol reading in all blood testing.

Turns out there was some restriction in one of the arteries. The concern however wasn’t the amount but the location. It was in an area they call the ‘widow-maker’. Most heart attacks involve chest pain and shortness of breath. But people who suffer a blockage in this area tend to just fall over dead.
On Wednesday, December 28, while most of us were cleaning up from Christmas and getting ready for New Years, I laid on a table with my heart exposed to the world (and a wonderful, talented, doctor).

After the surgery there were complications also (first a fever, then heartbeat arrhythmia, and finally an issue with one of the high-powered meds used that left my right hand and arm blown up like a Macy Day Parade float). It took two days to get out of Intensive Care (ICU) and 5 more days in the cardio surgery ward, yet here I sit at home, getting healthier and writing to you.

Please follow this link and read one of the most remarkable blog posting ever written. It should give us all reason to continue to do what we do, whatever the obstacles that may be in our path. It is part of my new commitment to get well, strong, and photograph the hell out of the world.

The Paper Portrait

I got some more photo equipment (lighting) for Christmas and cannot wait to put it to good use.

You should all know that I have thought of you and the posts you have written and the comments you have made, during my hospital stay. Even if we never meet, you are my friends and I love each and everyone of you for who you are as well as what you do.

Take care!


3 Responses to “Why No Posting – Why That Will Change”

  1. Dad, we are so happy that you are doing better. We love you and wish a quick recovery!!

    • Thank you so much. You guy’s really helped me through all this and I love each and every one of you!
      You have brought so much to our family Michelle; I find you a real blessing from God, not just for Chris but all of us.
      We need you, we love you, we hope you are always there with us.

  2. Dana

    I’m sorry you had to go through all that but I am happy that you are working on recovery. I was concerned when I didn’t see any posts for a while but obviously do not know you well enough to think you might be ill. Do take care of yourself and we will enjoy your images for years to come.


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