How to Find That Better Photo

One of the more interesting things you can do is photograph with another photographer. Comparing the results can be very revealing and instructional. While the grass is usually greener on the other side, there are things you will notice that make one picture truly better than the other. So, what can you do to improve your shots? Here are some observation that may be helpful:

Start by asking yourself: Why am I shooting this? That one question can have the biggest impact on the quality of your images.

Next, visually explore the vista you are in. Notice the lighting. Notice where it is extra bright and at the same time missing in different parts of the same objects. Identify where the shadows are and where they point. Also note areas where the light is uniform (bland).

Also be aware if there is a color to the scene. Do the objects and air match or enhance that color (contrasting colors can make it more noticeable).
No color? Are there strong lines and shapes, or a story line, that would make this a great Black & White picture instead of something colorful.

Really important is to look at what is out of focus or not part of the subject. Are there objects that block or enhance/frame what you are shooting? Include an evaluation of the spaces between objects as well as the overall background.

If a person/people are in the image, what are they wearing? Any photo-bombs waiting to go off? Are you shooting them because it is a good image or because of their personality. Personality you know of the person does not show but facial expressions do! Don’t be afraid to talk to them.

Last, ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND YOU before you shoot!

See the hoop underskirt blowing in the breeze?

What is most important is that you are in the moment and thinking of the picture. What would a picture of you taking the picture look like? Don’t snap the camera while thinking of how it will be viewed or who will be viewing it. Snap the picture when the picture in the viewfinder/LCD screen looks like the print you want to make.

Hope this helps, have a great week!


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