My Review of Logan 650 Framer’s Edge Mat Cutter

Originally submitted at Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies

Tools for the Art of Framing This mat cutter has a heavy particle board base with a smooth durable surface. Mounted to it is a High-Tech Teflon® coated cutting bar that requires no lubrication and has a serrated bottom to keep mats in place while cutting. It has a fully scaled 27" squarin…

It Is Very Good

By Art of Photography from Platteville, WI on 4/1/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Nice

Cons: Best

Best Uses: Work

Describe Yourself: Professional

The Logan 650 is a prosummer grade mat maker and board cutter. The particular model we purchased is very accurate, and as such, easy to use. In making the decision to purchase this model over other more expensive models by various manufactures and Logan, we noted that most of the videos on Youtube about general mat cutting (not featuring a particular model of cutter) had the instructor/host using a 650. It seems to have been the standard until a business could upgrade to the computer controller cutters. It was also the most frequent model of cutter for the schools we checked that had art programs. Our own experience has been very satisfying with this tool. We have yet to mark up a mat, using the stops exclusively. Every mat has turned out perfect.
There is a small learning curve with cutting mat to length but it does this function well also.
Buy what you need but we still could not justify the extra expense of other cutters compared to the Logan 650 Framer’s Edge Mat Cutter.



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