Scripting Photoshop

It has been a busy week but one of the sideline entertainments has been taking the time to delve into scripting Photoshop. For those unfamiliar with this aspect of the software, Photoshop has supported the use of AppleTalk, VB Script, and Javascript since version 7 (and maybe even earlier). In fact, some of the dialogs you see in the interface are script generated. Why script over Actions? Scripting brings in the power of regular programming functionality. Random numbers, If-then-else decision making, and iterate cycling are just a few of the features that scripting provides. You can include an Action in a script and you can include a script in an Action. Powerful stuff this but not for the casual user. You need to have mad object oriented programming skills because it’s all about the Photoshop DOM subset in leveraging the program’s transformative capabilities.
The end result is the below images. The first one is the before and the second one is the result of an action and a script. It took less than one minute to create. A GREAT time-savings for the busy professional.

Kaitie and Mom before the Prom

Painting with Photoshop Actions and Scripts

Thanks for being a reader and have a great week!


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