Memorial Day 2012

I like to think that Memorial Day is for those who fell in battle (Veteran Day in November is for those who served). As a combat vet, I would like to say to those veterans no longer with us, that while some of you defended this country under attack, most of you fought, not for your country, but for freedom. Few anywhere else in the world or at anytime in history have ever done so. Some would say that is what I fought for but I don’t know. Vietnam was a senseless war with a people we now do great business with. They never did this country any harm, we chose to join the battle against them.

I do know this; I have been out-of-theater for 36 years living, while you’ve been dead. In the perspective time like that gives you, it is still my belief that answering the call was right; what you did was right; and that those who look to us as heroes are right. 


Today’s internet age has symbols for smiley faces and broken hearts. It is a shame they don’t have one for salutes. I would be using it now.

I know you all are in heaven, only politicians can go to hell.

Dana C. Andrews, ATC, 2012th Communication Squadron, 4th Tactical Fighter Wing, Air Combat Command. Seymour-Johnson AFB 1972 – 1976

[Wikipedia: In April 1972, in the midst of a Tactical Air Command ORI, the 334th, 335th, and 336th TFS was deployed to Ubon AB, Thailand after which the squadron was attached to the 25th TFS. The unit began combat operations almost immediately. Soon after the deployment to SEA, the operations officers,  lobbied for missions specifically flagged to the TFS. The unit was deployed through Linebacker I and Linebacker II, flying air to ground and air to air combat missions. The squadron was redeployed back to Seymour Johnson AFB in March 1973.]


One Response to “Memorial Day 2012”

  1. Wonderful post Dana. I personally thank you for your service. I agree with what you said here. As I was looking at all the grave sites in the video yesterday of brave men who died all around the world in the different wars. It is sad to think they never got a chance to chase their dreams. What have we learned? We will continue going to war and killing each other. It seems to be Man’s nature.

    By the way I like your image as well. All the best.


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