Vacation Part Two

I’m still in recovery mode and tonight’s post I think will show that. Got into the arty stuff way too much. Note that some of these images are very large and look much better when you click on them.

This first image is some working boats coming in under the Niantic drawbridge(s).

While I am at this location, here is an artsy picture of the new bridge…

Lighthouse duty is something most Coast Guard do not look forward to, but I find it hard to believe that at this location…

Here are a few of the everyday scenes I saw growing up…

One of the places in this area is Mystic Village. Here is the Charles W. Morgan looking less than festive…

I took that picture while waiting for my roadside food to be done (Clam Fritters and Lobster Roll)…

Groton Long Point is typical of the summer communities in the area. Nice ‘cottages’ stacked one on top of the other…

(This next one is one of their sidewalks)

But the view can’t be beat (and there is never much front lawn to mow!)

All this arty stuff started when I was processing the ugly Millstone Nuclear Power Station (3 working reactors, each one a different generation). I worked there for over 10 years. I miss the people but not the place (it does have a nice location however). I got carried away trying to make it look more interesting.

Well, that is about it for tonight. I came back with over 3,000 photos, mostly family and I have to work on processing them for them.
(My son with his workmates at the beach bar he part-times at. I was on the deck that overlooks the river looking in over the counter that makes up the outside wall.)

In the meantime, here is a teaser of what is coming next for posting on this blog…

Enjoy your day (or night as the case may be)


2 Responses to “Vacation Part Two”

  1. Looking for photos from the A & W car cruise!?!

    • Hi Paula,

      Sorry for the delay. I have posted 20 images tonight from the last A&W drive in. I hope to have a follow up very soon focused more on the drivers and their passengers of that night.
      Thanks for reminding me this needed to be done!

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