Catching Up

I was reminded the other day that I have not posted in awhile. I apologize for that (apologise for my Australasian followers). I have been busy lately with studio work, exploring Photoshop tools in CS6 that can be leveraged for quick treatments, and the usual holiday hub-bub. No doubt there are Christmas pictures coming. I’d still like to finish processing many of the events I was privileged to attend this year as well.

This picture of a local family took two clicks in Photoshop (after I defined an action). Those of you who know me, know I am not into instagram filters but have a scientific and artistic interest in how photos age. This treatment (like my others) is based on the real world decay process. I like to think some things Do get better as they get older. But then I am old so this may not be surprising news.

BTW – this will probably be my last post if I win the $425 million Powerball jackpot Wednesday. (I’ll switch to a free newsletter because I still believe print is better)

And a few just for fun



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