Sometimes It Is The Little Things

Hi all, it has been awhile. For my Christian friends, I hope the holiday preparations are going well.

This picture was given to me recently.


It is a great example of photographic experimentation. The artist has been creative with an otherwise straight-up portrait. However, it is not finished. It is my belief that pictures you want to display are the ones that address all the principles and elements of style (even if addressing means not fulfilling some aspect of these guides). I cannot recommend strongly enough that any serious camera operator learn these ‘rules’ just as those who paint or sculpt incorporate them into their creations. With the plethora of cameras out there these days, if you want to stand out, you have to create a more complete image.

Trying not to affect the foreground image, here is my alterations for a picture that would be used in a digital manner (online article, website, blog?)


I like to think I have put the picture into a context the human viewer understands. Or maybe it is just more interesting or more focused. Anyway, one cannot say it is better without being judgmental, so let me say I feel this is more complete. And remember, all art is editing until you stop.


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