For Irfanview Users

(This post is for experienced users, especially those familiar with *.ini files)

Have you taken the plunge and installed Irfanview? Or are you a long time user (it has been around since 1996) who still thinks it is one of the best image editors for quick jobs. If you are one of these, this post could be the Christmas gift you have always wanted.

70s effect

I recently received a comment from Disguy who reminded me that you can edit the *.ini file for Irfanview. Specifically he was talking about the settings I had posted for re-creating some of the current popular photo filters. Anyway, by using the function Color Correction Profiles, you can instantly apply the settings you want without having to refer to any kind of guide.

Lancaster Courthouse Dome, Grant County, Wisconsin

Lancaster Courthouse Dome, Grant County, Wisconsin

What we are going to talk about makes use of Color Correction Profiles. If you are not familiar with these, select Image >> Color Correction (or Shift + G). This brings up a dialog box that allows you to (among other things) specify brightness, gamma, color channels, contrast, and other image rending settings. In the bottom left of this panel you will see color profiles (newer versions of Irfanview, I am not sure when exactly this started). To use a profile you first have to set some. Once they exist, you click the drop down and select the profile you want then click the LOAD button. So, for the nine (9) sets of setting I gave in my earlier post, you could set up each one in the interface and then assign it a profile name.
Find the file i_view32.ini (%appdata%\irfanview) on your computer and open/edit it. Scroll to the end. If you have not set up any profiles, just copy this to the file and save it (you may want to save a copy of the file first before making any changes).

Now when you open a picture in Irfanview and go to the Color Correction panel you will see all these profiles listed in the drop down. If you already have some profiles set up follow this procedure.
1. Under [ColorCorrection] paste all the entries that start Profile_profilename=1;…
2. Find the entry that lists the Profiles by name and add the new names to the list (separated by the | symbol). How they are listed is how they show up in the drop down.


If you haven’t modified *.ini files before, just go slow and make sure you know what is being asked for before you take the action. If you save a copy of the original, you can just rename it back to i_view32.ini if you run into problems. Good luck to all!


2 Responses to “For Irfanview Users”

  1. Version 4.30 did not have this option.
    I just upgraded to 4.35 & it includes this functionality.

  2. This is great,i use irfanview since around ten years and did that edit mostly buy hand,but that profiles made is much easyier.thx

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