The Art of Photoshop

Photoshop can be used to enhance a photograph but it can also be used to create artistic images. Either use is valid in my opinion so long as you are clear about doing it.

Two pictures; a young woman’s face and a cityscape, is artistically modified and blended in such a way as to create something new. It is completely fictional yet still retains the same qualities as any visual piece of art. Whether you like this composition or not is a matter of personal taste but the process is as valid as any used in the creation of art work.


Photography does not have to be simply the faithful replication of existing visions. For me, there was nothing going on with either original image. Just pictures like so many other taken of cities and women. But transmogrified this way, something more creatively interesting was produced. Gestalt says the sum can be greater than the parts. I hope you find tonight’s work such.



8 Responses to “The Art of Photoshop”

  1. Beautiful image Dana. Amazing!

  2. Thank you Dave. It is the predecessor to a project I want to start this summer of people and their cars but instead of standing next to each other, have one or the other as a reflection (person reflected in the glass of the car or person looking out a window with the car reflecting, that kind of thing). I hope to learn a lot about our craft from trying this challenge. While typing this I just had the thought that maybe I can get a picture from inside a tractor cab and do a fields/barn thing. If so, I’ll dedicate it to you…

  3. I would love to learn to do this…it is beautiful!

    • Tell me something about you and I will post a tutorial…

      • Something about me??? Like??? My blog is pretty much an open diary of my life but if you are looking for something relevant to this post…. I am a hung strung individual….constantly thinking…high anxiety that leads to depression. Writing and photoshop are the two things I found to focus my thoughts on something positive. Is that too much lol??? I really only play with photoshop elements…but I love information so I am always seeking interesting things to learn.

      • What a great response, I will get started right away on that tutorial. It should work with Elements but if you struggle, you can write back and we’ll figure out a work-around.

      • OMG I would love love love that….thank you 🙂

      • Right or wrong, good or bad, it is posted.
        Now I await the judgement in time.

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