Photoshopping – Adding Text Banner


Requires Photoshop knowledge of Grouping and Layer Styles Dialog Box

How To:
1. Open the image of your choosing
2. Add a new blank layer above it
  a. Fill with White
  b. Set Opacity to 70% (to start)
3. Type in your text
  a. I used a specialty font. Start with Century Gothic (Bold)
  b. Font color = Black
  c. Set font size what you want. Resize as appropriate
4. Group the Text layer and the White layer
5. Text Layer – Layer Style >> Advanced Blending (Blending Options)
  a. Knockout: Shallow
  b. Fill Opacity = 0%
6. Free Transform White layer to make it a band across the image
  a. Text should be centered (Layer >> Align)
7. Play with resizing background, banner, and text. Wide images look best with this
8. Re-adjust opacity of white layer to taste. Try a drop shadow for the text layer.

I realize this is short, sweet, and to the point, but in figuring out some of these you might learn a few new things about Photoshop. It should be a fun journey anyway.



One Response to “Photoshopping – Adding Text Banner”

  1. Ron Scubadiver Says:

    Try this:

    In the reader go to the Photography section and give out 50 likes to the first posts that come up. If it is total garbage skip it, or if someone is flooding just give him one. Do the same thing in the Art section. Repeat two hours later. If the bloggers respond, follow them unless their stuff is garbage.

    Do one good post per day, or every other day. Yours are good because they are original, unique and contain useful information. There is so much garbage on that the good stuff stands out.

    Make sure all posts are tagged “Photography” and “Art”.
    Check to be certain they show up in the reader right after posting.

    Never have more than 15 tags and categories combined or the post will not be in the reader.

    After you read this you might want to edit it down to just the compliment.

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