Me And The IPhone

I have been away from the blog for some time now. As explained earlier, I am back in college once again. It is also springtime here (lots to prep & clean). Additionally, rather than working in my traditional media, I have been spending time (way too much of it) with the iPhone 5 camera. I have found that while the camera is your basic phone camera, there are some interesting apps that seem to add value.

Here then are a few samples:

1. One of the first thoughts with an iPhone is ‘Selfies’ (taking pictures of yourself)




2. Also your immediate surroundings

Indoor Light

Camera plus


3. The nice thing about it is how you carry it with you everywhere

Always with you



4. Then there are the Instagram effects

Light Leaks



5. You can use it to document in a more visual way

(La Crosse Wisconsin writes in its sidewalks)

(Its bridge looks like a Batman symbol)
Bat Bridge

(Art has been integrated into the city)


6. I have learned that the front facing camera is also good for candids shot “over your shoulder”

Forward Facing


7. Using the upgraded camera app (Camera Plus) gives you some pretty good art filters

Color 50s

(I can’t decide which treatment I like better)

Color less 50s


8. Even the mundane can be rendered interestingly




9. Well I guess that is about it. Sorry I didn’t make this a ‘top ten things about’ story, but hopefully you found some of the images justified your time on this site. As always, don’t forget to click the images for the larger size.


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