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Frame Meets Aging

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I’m having a lousy weekend. Nothing is working out right.
This was supposed to be about making a grunge border however I started playing with blending styles and ended up with the below composition. I cannot make up my mind if I like it or not. I do like the two-tone effect across her face and upper arm however.



Instagram in Irfanview

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I have blogged before about a great free program for image processing with the unusual name of Irfanview. This is, in my opinion, the best image manipulation program you can use until you step up to Photoshop (or possibly GIMP). Today’s blog is about using Irfanview to re-create some classic film and dark-room trick photo effects.
These settings can only be used in Irfanview ( but do not require the extra plug-ins package.
Ready to go!?!
With an image loaded into Irfanview, type a capital G (shift + G) or go to Image >> color corrections … in the menu options. This opens up a dialog with a before and after of your current image. On the left side you will find controls for Brightness and Color balance (Red/Green/Blue). The right side has controls for Contrast, Gamma, and Saturation. We will modify six (6) of these controls (I never touch Brightness, Gamma is way much better).
Note that these settings are not absolutes and you can always tweak them depending on the picture they are being applied to. They are a starting point however I recommend you do apply all the settings for the effect before you start tweaking.
The format for the filter instructions is ; Red, Green, Blue, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation.

Original Image

70’s; -5, 5, -50, 10, 1.1, 50

Chrome; -5, -20, 0, 75, 1.1, -25

Polaroid; 25, 30, 5, 0, 1.1, 0

C-41; 15, 30, 80, 0, .8, 25

CrossProcess; 35, 35, -50, 40, .8, -75

RedScale; 65, 30, -50, -10, .8, -50

Lomish; 35, 10, -60, 75, .75, -100

SkipBleach; 70, 60, 115, 10, .45, -125

Brownie; 30, 5, 100, 0, .9, 35

Chrome is meant to emulate KodaChrome color reversal film
C-41 relates to ‘normal’ color film processing (the main Kodak chemical is named C-41)
Cross Process, Red Scale and Skip Bleach are based on deliberate chemical misapplication techniques.
Brownie is based on 126 films.
70’s is based on time eroded prints.
Polaroid is emulating Polaroid’s emulsion.
Lomish incorporates some of the elements found in the output of the cheap Russian Lomo cameras.

Hope you find these useful and that you have a good time playing with them. Let me know if you run into problems or don’t understand something I wrote.

Saturday at the Grant County Fair

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Saturday’s are always the big day for county fairs. This Saturday we watched as horses strutted their stuff in the ring, classic cars galore, farm animals acting like fashion models, veggies and flowers shining their best, and some of the most intricate Lego(tm) displays we’ve ever seen. We also met and talked with more people than an outdoor church revival. We crossed the 3000 pictures line and estimate that by the end of the fair we will have shot 4000 photographs and a dozen movies.

1919 Republic Pick-up Truck

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It is fascinating when researching old cars the number of companies that existed in the early days for making vehicles. Business schools would do well to study who made it and who didn’t and what decisions just did not work out. Republic did not survive but this should be a marvelous vehicle to admire once fully restored.

1919 Republic Pick up truck

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