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A&W Cruise-In (Lancaster, WI, USA)

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The local car club recently drove into this area’s A & W for some burgers and bull… oh wait, I can’t talk that way. Anyway, here are the first 20 images posted of that event (my sincerest apologies to Paula for the delay!)…


More From SWTC Open House

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One of the most important aspects of any event are the volunteers who help make it the enjoyable experience we… er, experience!

Now this last one is for a bit of humor. I set up the camera to take an over-exposed image of the repelling event. Unfortunately, the image subject slipped! Well, at least it has the value of showing you how safe SWTC keeps things. Nothing but a little pride hurt this day (I love his shadow in this image, something you usually don’t get with overexposed pictures).

SWTC Public Safety Complex Open House

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Saturday, Southwest Tech had an open house to show off their Public Safety Program and all the tools they have to teach the skills needed to work in police, rescue, and fire fighting career fields. Needless to say, it was the firefighters center that had the most interesting images (although driving the police cars was probably the most popular thing to do with the visitors). Here are a few images from the day.

Iowa Tractor Ride

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Some Iowa farmers decided to cross the border into Wisconsin and have a nice lunch at Doolittles in Lancaster (that is not meant to mean that you cannot get a good lunch in Iowa). They came from (crossed?) at Prairie Du Chien. Gotta give ’em credit, it never got above 60 degrees all day. Nice weather for mid-winter but late summer? Yesterday’s temp was 85 degrees.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Grant County Fair – Horsing Around

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Last Saturday’s events at the Grant County Fair included the Draft Horses. These are some big horses! Enjoy this small gallery.

BONUS PICTURE – for those who want to connect to their inner girl when viewing large horses…

Grant County Fair – Dog Day

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Tuesday belonged to the dogs. The Dog Show that is. With beautiful weather, the Grant County dog lovers got together and had a fun evening of friendly competitions.

This was the first Queens events and Grant County has some real beauties!

But mostly this is about the dogs, both in performance and obedience.

The most popular is the performance part of the contest. It starts with a briefing, then walk through, and finally the performance.

Remember, the rides start 5 pm today (Wednesday 8/15/2012). Coming up next is Auto Racing!

Boscobel 2011 Fall Show

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Here is an image from the Boscobel 2011 Fall show. I like how it captures the energy expended in converting a tree into boards. This was done on a portable sawing mill and the fellow who commissioned this will use the wood to make unique chests and cabinets.

Violent Wood

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