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Which One Is Your Favorite?

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One of the issues every artist addresses is which style (version) of their image is the right one for their composition. Many people do not realize but painters duplicated their famous pictures many many times (its how they make money). Yet each rendition is basically faithful to the original. My mother met Salvador Dali. She said while there he put a pen onto a piece of paper and did not lift it up until the drawing was done. It is a replica of this famous etching:

I think she gave him $10.00 (hey, it was 1962!). The point was he made many drawings of this subject before he finally settled on what would be his Don Quixote etching. Then he did not change it again. Any variation was from skill or the moment but not editing.

Tonight I have this image that I really like and decided to try some treatments. The first thing I tried was just making her beautiful eyes pop.

However, lately instagram processing has been the rage so I thought I would try doing something like that…

I liked the aging but though it might look moldy (all art is a process of editing). So I tried this (I call it my paper bag process)…

I love the dark colors but wondered if I had drifted too far afield of my original intent. So, being me, I decided to combine the treatments and came up with this…

Problem now is which one is ‘The One’?

Anyone have an opinion?


A Few More Pig Posts

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I am doing a matting/printing experiment and needed some images in a certain format. I grabbed a few from the recent pig wrestling group. Here are those images in their new format (the last two are final processing of the first two).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Grant County Fair – Horsing Around

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Last Saturday’s events at the Grant County Fair included the Draft Horses. These are some big horses! Enjoy this small gallery.

BONUS PICTURE – for those who want to connect to their inner girl when viewing large horses…

Grant County Fair – Face Paint

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I had a nice story all set up about face painting at the Fair but you know what? The pictures do just fine by themselves. Enjoy this gallery!

Grant County Fair – Pig Wrestling

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If there is one thing I truly enjoy each year, it is the pig wrestling. The attitude and atmosphere of fun is infectious to all who attend this event.

The Fair runs through Sunday (they gonna wreck some cars and trailers Sunday night!)

Grant County Fair – Dog Day

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Tuesday belonged to the dogs. The Dog Show that is. With beautiful weather, the Grant County dog lovers got together and had a fun evening of friendly competitions.

This was the first Queens events and Grant County has some real beauties!

But mostly this is about the dogs, both in performance and obedience.

The most popular is the performance part of the contest. It starts with a briefing, then walk through, and finally the performance.

Remember, the rides start 5 pm today (Wednesday 8/15/2012). Coming up next is Auto Racing!

Grant County Fair – Getting Ready

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This is another quick blog post. The title pretty much says it all (hard to think how many times they do this in a summer). The first driver I talked to noted they had closed shop Sunday in Eagle River (305 miles away). This conversation was Monday at 1:00 pm!

Come to the Fair if you can, fun for one and all!

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