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Photoshopping – Adding Text Banner

Posted in Image Post, Photoshop Tutorial with tags , , , , , on March 31, 2013 by Art of Photography


Requires Photoshop knowledge of Grouping and Layer Styles Dialog Box

How To:
1. Open the image of your choosing
2. Add a new blank layer above it
  a. Fill with White
  b. Set Opacity to 70% (to start)
3. Type in your text
  a. I used a specialty font. Start with Century Gothic (Bold)
  b. Font color = Black
  c. Set font size what you want. Resize as appropriate
4. Group the Text layer and the White layer
5. Text Layer – Layer Style >> Advanced Blending (Blending Options)
  a. Knockout: Shallow
  b. Fill Opacity = 0%
6. Free Transform White layer to make it a band across the image
  a. Text should be centered (Layer >> Align)
7. Play with resizing background, banner, and text. Wide images look best with this
8. Re-adjust opacity of white layer to taste. Try a drop shadow for the text layer.

I realize this is short, sweet, and to the point, but in figuring out some of these you might learn a few new things about Photoshop. It should be a fun journey anyway.



The Quiet Blog

Posted in General Post, Image Post with tags , , , on August 15, 2011 by Art of Photography

Sorry folks for the lack of posts lately. This is a very busy time for us. There are numerous events in the area, the Grant County Fair, an important product shoot, and a mid-week trip up North. We will try to do what we can here but be assured, there is much coming.

Oh yea, and by-the-way, one of our photos from the Grant County Fair was used in a shopping paper insert …

Fair at Night

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