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Spring in Wisconsin (1″ to 3″ of it)

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Just sharing a picture today…



Grant County Fair Starts

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This is Grant County”s (Wisconsin) week to have their fair. It starts with Jr. Horse judging but before I go there I have a question for you. If you had a show tractor and needed to get it to the fairground, what would you do? Especially if it is a nice, cool, Wisconsin Sunday?

Now, on to the horses …

Think horses know they are at a sporting event?

Of course for any event, you have to have a program …

and equipment …

And what is any competition without an award …

You want to always look your best when you compete …

However, beauty is not skin deep …

(I really liked this horse!)

and like any sport it has difficult and dangerous elements …

But these kids were strong and never backed off

Like the Olympics, today was a great day because of great competitors doing what they love to do most.

Kait’s Prom

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We have a niece who was given six (6) months to live when she was born. At six (6) months, still fighting, the doctors gave her another six (6) months. On and on this has gone until now, at 19 years old, she had just enjoyed her high school prom. Congratulations Kait, you are a winner in every sense of the word!

Kait Dressed for the Prom

Kait's prom Night

2011 DGS – Govtech

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Here is a nice image of the first day speaker, Steve Uzzell. He is a photographer for National Geographic.
It was dark with minimal stage lighting. I did not think I would get any decent images but as it turns out, that lighting can work quite well.

Steve Uzzell - National Geographic Photographer

The Spirit of Dubuque

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Combining multiple effects in Photoshop can often lead to more interesting images. Here is one that starts will a processed image, then added a frame, fill colors, and blend modes to create something more than the sum of the components (called Gestalt).

Spirit of Dubuque

The Polaroid Treatment

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Here are some walkers from the World Wide Photo Walk in Dubuque, IA, USA 1 Oct. 2011
Because everyone did such a fine job capturing crystal clear, well composed images, I decided to apply a treatment (in a vain attempt to be different). As the fashion show says … “What do you think?!?”

An old time treatment of some walkers seen during the 2011 World Wide Photo Walk, Dubuque Oct. 1

Is Your Image Good?

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One of the tools professionals have is a set of standards that allow them to quantify if the product is ‘good’. Here is one of them. If the composition is as appealing in Black & White as it is color, it has strong subject (this is a desirable quality).

Technically this is dark sepia, but you get the idea (this particular image has a foreground that is so strong and pronounced, it looks almost 3D!)

A strong picture looks as good in Black & White as it does in color.

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