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Grant County Dome Inside

Posted in Image Post with tags , , , , , on October 31, 2012 by Art of Photography

As promised, here is the inner dome of the Grant County Courthouse. I did the usual brightness/contrast but no Photoshop alterations. It is a beautiful fall day outside and time is about 9 a.m. local.

Dome from first floor landing (50mm on an ACP-S sensor)


Lancaster Dome

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I have a friend I follow who always takes pictures of barns. Generally the worse for wear, the better. I have another friend who is fascinated by the Court house dome in Lancaster, Wisconsin (USA). Even his kids tease him about this. You cannot take enough pictures of this building. But you have to admit, it is an interesting structure made of two domes, one inside the other.
I will post some of my images of the dome another time (especially the ‘inner’ one. However, tonight, for Jeff, here is an old picture of the dome I found (after photoshopping a perfectly good image of it). It is shot from the East just as fall was starting way back in twenty aught ’12.
(just don’t show it to your kids, they’ll only make that groaning sound again!)

Make sure to click the image to see it full size!

Lancaster Courthouse Dome, Grant County, Wisconsin

Vacation Part Two

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I’m still in recovery mode and tonight’s post I think will show that. Got into the arty stuff way too much. Note that some of these images are very large and look much better when you click on them.

This first image is some working boats coming in under the Niantic drawbridge(s).

While I am at this location, here is an artsy picture of the new bridge…

Lighthouse duty is something most Coast Guard do not look forward to, but I find it hard to believe that at this location…

Here are a few of the everyday scenes I saw growing up…

One of the places in this area is Mystic Village. Here is the Charles W. Morgan looking less than festive…

I took that picture while waiting for my roadside food to be done (Clam Fritters and Lobster Roll)…

Groton Long Point is typical of the summer communities in the area. Nice ‘cottages’ stacked one on top of the other…

(This next one is one of their sidewalks)

But the view can’t be beat (and there is never much front lawn to mow!)

All this arty stuff started when I was processing the ugly Millstone Nuclear Power Station (3 working reactors, each one a different generation). I worked there for over 10 years. I miss the people but not the place (it does have a nice location however). I got carried away trying to make it look more interesting.

Well, that is about it for tonight. I came back with over 3,000 photos, mostly family and I have to work on processing them for them.
(My son with his workmates at the beach bar he part-times at. I was on the deck that overlooks the river looking in over the counter that makes up the outside wall.)

In the meantime, here is a teaser of what is coming next for posting on this blog…

Enjoy your day (or night as the case may be)

Vacation time in Connecticut

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I recently spent the better part of a week visiting “home.” In my case, that is Southeast Connecticut. Over the next few days, I will be sharing some of my images from that trip although most of the pictures taken were of my grandchildren, their wonderful dad (my son), and his equally amazing girlfriend.
So without further ado, welcome to my childhood…

My summer cottage (well, okay, SOMEONE’S summer cottage)

Fall had not come yet to the area

These are high speed ferries going to/from Block Island

Hey, you got your lighthouses, I got mine…

Standing on the shore, it seems like a quiet tranquil day out on the sound. The telephoto lens acted like the Hubble looking into empty space that day (sorry about the drops, they are salt spray). Click the image for the full size version with more ships showing.

Fixing Bad Photos With Treatments

Posted in Image Post with tags , , , , , , , , on September 21, 2012 by Art of Photography

I had a photo with blown out background and too dark foreground. You could barely make out the person in the picture. Yet it was a shot I wanted to display of a lovely young woman and her pet dog.
For those not aware, Photoshop CS6 has a texture panel courtesy of Russell Brown (look for it in Adobe Exchange or on his website, Three textures later I thought I had something. I then got creative with the blending modes and added a few adjustment layers. The end result reminds me of an old newspaper clipping. So much so, I added the date as they use to do it.
For very little effort, I feel I have my picture now and it is ‘interesting’ enough to be worth a look. Hope you agree.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

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One of the issues every artist addresses is which style (version) of their image is the right one for their composition. Many people do not realize but painters duplicated their famous pictures many many times (its how they make money). Yet each rendition is basically faithful to the original. My mother met Salvador Dali. She said while there he put a pen onto a piece of paper and did not lift it up until the drawing was done. It is a replica of this famous etching:

I think she gave him $10.00 (hey, it was 1962!). The point was he made many drawings of this subject before he finally settled on what would be his Don Quixote etching. Then he did not change it again. Any variation was from skill or the moment but not editing.

Tonight I have this image that I really like and decided to try some treatments. The first thing I tried was just making her beautiful eyes pop.

However, lately instagram processing has been the rage so I thought I would try doing something like that…

I liked the aging but though it might look moldy (all art is a process of editing). So I tried this (I call it my paper bag process)…

I love the dark colors but wondered if I had drifted too far afield of my original intent. So, being me, I decided to combine the treatments and came up with this…

Problem now is which one is ‘The One’?

Anyone have an opinion?

A Few More Pig Posts

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I am doing a matting/printing experiment and needed some images in a certain format. I grabbed a few from the recent pig wrestling group. Here are those images in their new format (the last two are final processing of the first two).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope your weekend is going well.

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